Other Illegal Dumping Resources

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These links are provided as additional resources for further information on illegal dumping, additional proper disposal alternatives beyond those discussed on this website, and information in support and promotion of environmental conservation and sustainability.

Time to Recycle

TimetoRecycle.com is a website designed for easy access to recycling programs available in the North Central Texas region. Information on waste reduction, material reuse, and tools to help individuals rethink about their waste are also available. Topics include composting, smart shopping, environmental education games, and an interactive map to help locate recycling resources.


Earth 911

A community that helps consumer find their own shade of green, match their values to their purchase behavior, adopt environmentally sound practices, and drive impactful environmental changes. Start on your way to being green and wasting less by exploring eco tech, home and garden, travel, living and wellbeing, events and entertainment, ideas to get inspired, green businesses and policies, and an online store to buy ecofriendly products.


Keep Texas Beautiful

An organization with the mission to educate and engage Texans to take responsibility for improving their community environment with efforts in three major areas: litter prevention, beautification, and waste reduction. View resources, ways to get involved, programs, and much more.


Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

The state entity dedicated to protecting public health and conserving natural resources for future generations of Texans. Find information regarding current environmental conditions and progress being made as well as public resources such as resources to help you do your part and contribute to environmental quality, tools to launch and track complaints, community resources and much more.


United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A United States federal agency created to protect human health and the environment. Information regarding air, chemicals and toxics, climate change, emergencies, greener living, health and safety, land and cleanup, pesticides, waste and water can be found on the agency’s website.


Waste in Place (Keep America Beautiful)

An education program developed by Keep America Beautiful and the Wrigley Company Foundation. It is a resource intended for students (K-12), but includes parent guides and informative material presented in a way that is digestible and helpful to all. Topics include information on liter prevention and management of solid waste, two items that key in the fight against illegal dumping.


Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center

Listing of classes and additional Illegal dumping educational materials.